What Documents Should You Gather For Planning Your Will?

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When going through estate planning Honolulu, it is imperative a person knows what pieces of information and documents they will need to bring so their attorney can adequately help them. Bringing these pieces of information to the meeting will allow the attorney to avoid wasted time so they can thoroughly help their client.

What Should Be Brought to the Appointment?

There are several items a person should plan on bringing when they meet with their lawyer for planning. Being prepared for the meeting with help individuals to avoid delays in creating documents so they can be drawn up promptly. It is wise for a person to write down any questions they might have before they meet with the lawyer so they will not forget. It is also essential a person brings the following.

The deed to the house

Bank statements

Investment account information

Copies of the retirement plan

Information on annuities

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Contact members of everyone that will be named in the will

A list of people that will be named in positions of authority

List of assets

A list of estate planning goals

Contact information for doctors, CPAs, and other professionals

What Can Individuals Expect From Estate Planning?

The first meeting with the lawyer is for the planning process. This allows the lawyer to gather all of the information they need so they can help their client draw up their will, health care directive, and other documents, such as are involved in making a trust for their beneficiaries.

It is imperative all of the documents are drawn up according to the client’s wishes and expectations. The process of drawing up the papers may take time, but once they are complete, the client will be called in so the execution meeting can take place.

As a part of the services, some individuals hire their lawyer to be the executor of their will so they can be in charge of making sure the will is carried out according to what their client decided on.

If you are in need of help with estate planning, you need to make sure you hire a revocable trust attorney in Honolulu. They will help you through every step in the process so you can be sure all of your estate planning needs are taken care of right away. Call the office today so your appointment can be scheduled so you can get started on finishing your documents.

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